Registration for The Big Class with Michael Curry Opens Today

ChurchNext Subscribers Can Sign Up for a Free, Open, Worldwide, at 6p Tonight

In just three weeks anyone with Internet access and a computer or tablet can get free instruction on how to become a crazy Christian.

From January 27 through February 3, the Rt. Rev. Michael Curry, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, will teach The Big Class, a program of ChurchNext. The course will expand on Crazy Christians:  A Call to Follow Jesus published by Church Publishing Inc. The book is based on  “We Need Some Crazy Christians,” a widely acclaimed sermon the bishop preached at the Episcopal Church’s General Convention in 2012.

Bishop Curry will moderate the course and answer online questions during the week of The Big Class. Participants can take the course anytime during the week at No special software is required.  While registration officially opens at tonight at 6p, as a subscriber to our ChurchNext newsletter, you can register early!

Click here to register right now for The Big Class with Michael Curry after 6p tonight.

Managing the Household Budget with Timothy Dombek

Timoty DombeckThe first step in financial stability usually starts with a budget or spending plan. In this class personal finance expert and Episcopal priest Timothy Dombek walks us through the essentials of setting up a spending plan that will bring us peace of mind.

Perhaps the more important reason to set up a budget, or spending plan, is to get some peace of mind.

Timothy Dombek used to do this for a living – advising clients on how to save and spend. Today, he’s a sought-after conference speaker and author who serves the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona as a stewardship expert.

In this class Tim will teach us why we should we set up a household budget, how to keep track of our cash flow, how to stick to it and make it fun.

This course is perfect for the those seeking basic information on budgeting and money management. It is also a part of a larger learning series called Managing God’s Money, with courses on managing credit and debt, handing church and charity, and managing retirement and savings.

Learn more about the course Managing the Household Budget.

The Rev’d Canon Timothy Dombek is Canon for Stewardship and Planned Giving in the Diocese of Arizona. He is a popular speaker whose blog you can read here.

Course Highlight: Introduction to Epiphany

Sharon Ely PearsonEpiphany is more than just a season to return Christmas presents. It’s a time to discover the ways God is revealing truth in our lives. This course tells us not only what Epiphany is, but how it can better our lives.

It is the season of the Star. Epiphany brings us the Three Wise Men and the revelation that this baby born in a manger is much more than your average infant. Epiphany is a time for us to find the various ways God reveals God’s self in our lives.

In this course we’ll learn:

What is Epiphany?
What are the themes of Epiphany?
How should we observe Epiphany?
How does Epiphany better our lives?

This course is perfect for those who are new to the Christian year, as well as long-time Christians who are looking for a refresher course on the subject.

Sharon Ely Pearson is a gifted educator and author of several books including The Prayer Book Guide to Christian Education. She works as the Christian Formation Specialist for Church Publishing Incorporated where she curates the websiteBuilding Faith.