Who Else Is Doing Online Learning? A Snippet from VTS’ eFormation Conference

Learking Key on keyboard copyI was flattered to once again be invited to Virginia Theological Seminary’s annual eFormation conference. This was an amazing gathering of mainline church folk whose imaginations are being piqued by the possibilities new technologies are offering.

Here’s a link to the ‘summary’ page of the conference’s work – as well as the link to the Pinterest page that was set up for presenters to share their slides, papers, videos etc. I was personally inspired by John Roberto’s brief talk on ‘change’ found near the beginning of this recorded session.

One of the topics I touched on during my presentation, which you can find here, was the breadth of online learning in the religious world: what resources are out there? Who’s moving in a direction we need to be paying attention to? I have compiled a far-from-exhaustive list of folk who are swimming in or near these waters and wanted to share them with you as you go about making your way through this transitive time in the Church’s history.

4 thoughts on “Who Else Is Doing Online Learning? A Snippet from VTS’ eFormation Conference

  1. Great to have you with us once again, Chris! Thanks for helping us continue to spread the good word about this event and about online faith learning.

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