Take Violence, Myth, and Scripture with Suzanne Ross

Suzanne Ross

One wonderful aspect of the week after Christmas is that a lot of people take some time off to relax and contemplate Christmas itself in the wake of all the holiday preparation frenzy that has lead to it. Today, we are launching Violence, Myth and Scripture with Suzanne Ross For Individuals and For Groups. Try taking some down time this week to explore this class, which examines the theme of violence in scripture. The story of Christmas, after all, is about Jesus coming to save a violent world. How Christianity has interpreted, confronted, resisted, indulged, and otherwise dealt with violence is deeply relevant to this church season.

Suzanne Ross is a respected author, blogger, and lecturer. She is co-founder of The Raven Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping human beings resist their own tendency to violence through understanding mimetic theory. In this class, she explores violence in scripture, arguing that the Judeo-Christian religion, when correctly interpreted, confronts violence that is human rather than divine in origin. It reveals a God deeply concerned with the powerless — with the victims of violence — and its central thematic concern is grappling with humanity’s inclination toward self destruction through aggression.

Take some time during this Christmas season to examine the violence that the innocent baby in scriptures was born to confront and resist. To learn more about the class, please check out this preview.

Screenshot 2015-12-27 12.06.57

A merry and peaceful Christmas season to you all!





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