Just Launched: What Is Christian Mission? with Ian Douglas

We just launched What Is Christian Mission? with Ian DouglasWhat Is Christian Mission? with Ian Douglas For Individuals and For Groups.

Christian mission has evolved over the years. The words “Christian Mission” conjure for many a picture of a church outpost in some part of the world remote to Western culture, with missionaries attempting to convert the locals to Christianity.  The definition of Christian mission, however, according to Bishop Ian Douglas, is very different today.

Bishop Douglas has written and edited four books and numerous academic and popular articles on the topics of mission, the missional Church, contemporary Anglicanism, and world Christianity.  He teaches a contemporary understanding of Christian mission, defining the practice according to God’s mission to restore humanity into a right relationship with God, with one another, and with creation — not according to various churches’ missions to spread their Christian beliefs and build churches. We do mission by “reconciling all people to each other and God,” and we can do that in our neighborhoods, the next town over, online or abroad.

This class addresses the question of what it means to practice Christian mission through examining the development of mission over the ages, discovering God’s mission, and discussing in depth the ministries in which we are commissioned to participate as part of our baptismal covenants.

It is an idea class for people who want to understand more about Christian mission in the twenty-first century.

For a preview of the class, please click below.


Screenshot 2016-06-25 11.48.58.png


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