Free Courses

Frequently over the course of the year, ChurchNext offers free, open online courses for all who desire to journey deeper into faith.

We’re excited about a Lenten Curriculum coming out January 21, 2018 – here are some details:

Luke Liberator

Luke the Liberator 2018 – here’s a PDF version

Additionally, here’s a list of classes that we currently offer for free:

Reimagining Church Leadership with TREC

Mission and Leadership with TREC

Culture and Leadership with TREC 

How to Take a ChurchNext Class

ChurchNext for Congregations


8 thoughts on “Free Courses

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  3. Hi, I was privileged to be able to attend the Trinity Conference in NYC. It was a powerful conference. I’d like to offer the course at our parish, but we already have our Lenten program planned. Will the free course offering be limited to just this Lent or can we offer it later this spring? Jim

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